2021.12.29 Pi币核心团队公告:开启主网封闭测试

Pi币12月29日核心团队公告,主网今天上线,开启主网阶段的封闭网络期,并且还发布了 Pi 白皮书的两个新部分。


Pi 主网今天上线,开启主网阶段的封闭网络期。 我们还发布了 Pi 白皮书的两个新部分,解释了挖矿和供应将如何在主网中工作。 应用程序中发布了新采矿模拟的预览,供您校准,稍后将生效。 在那之前,现有的采矿活动仍在继续。
阅读更多内容。 可以在 Pi 区块浏览器中查看主网,您的 Pi 钱包现在可以显示测试网和主网余额。(原文如下)

@PiCoreTeam Dec 29th, 2021 – 5:15am
Pi Mainnet is live today, initiating the Enclosed Network period of Mainnet phase. We are also releasing two new sections of the Pi white paper that explain how mining and supply will work in Mainnet. A preview of a new mining simulation is released in the app for your calibration and will take effect later. Until then, existing mining continues.
Read more above. Mainnet can be viewed in the Pi Blockexplorer, and your Pi wallet can now show both Testnet and Mainnet balances.

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